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You already know the site's review Created by own, I don't need to explained about it. Certainly many Bloggers that have been known.

As sites other review, we will be able to choose a topic / category that we will be interested. Choose a topic that matches the skills and content of our blog. And let the money flow to our account. It is a good idea if I will give a little information about this program.

How I get paid to write a review?

With, you can assess yourself how you want to be paid. Depending on the visitor and the quality of your blog posts, you can be paid from $5. If your site is so popular, you can even get more. You will get paid 65% of the price review offered. While the remaining 35% is owned by a

Do I only expected to write a positive review?

No. You are paid to write a detailed review and honest. Critics who build not only valued, but indeed be expected.

How do I Get Paid to Blog?

You will be paid through Paypal transfer every two weeks.

How do I know if I already paid?

You can check your payment record at any time on their site.

Still curious? Visit the site to become a member You will enter into a form to sign up and you can register as a Blogger. Let together to find the money and prove the service. My own very confident with the service due to be made directly by They have become player who have long in the review.